What types of services does Class Act Auctioneers, Inc. offer?

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Our years of experience allow us to offer a custom tailored auction product to customers from various backgrounds and of any scope.

We have handled:

  • Large Estate Liquidations

  • Business Down Sizings

  • Bankruptcy Liquidations – both business and personal

Our services include:

  • Onsite (at your location) auctions. We provide the auctioneer, cashier, clerk, and any additional security and labor as needed.

  • Auction Events at our own auction house

  • Online Exposure and Internet Bidding – in addition our extensive marketing, this showcases your items to 1000’s of potential bidders

Why should I use Class Act Auctioneers, Inc.?
We are a local company. We live and we work here! We know the auction business. Experience is our specialty!
Class Act Auctioneers, Inc. offers our customers a different experience from the traditional auction houses. We keep current with trends and technological advances to continue to provide a superior service to both our consignors and our buyers.

When entrusting someone with your property, don’t you want the best?
Based on results… that’s easy, Class Act Auctioneers, Inc. is the only choice!

History of auctions and why auctions work:
When many think of an auction, there is a grand vision of a large hall with rows of anxious, excited bidders raising their paddles in a fiery competition. That vision isn’t far from reality. Since 500 b.c., auctions have been a way for people to obtain goods of varying rarity and quality for a minimal cost. This time-honored method of marketing items to the public is one of the most organized and safe ways to purchase. With roots in ancient Greece, auctions have spread their influence throughout the rest of the world.

Most individuals haven’t been to an auction. This can lead to confusion and fear regarding the auctioning process, with many feeling as though the events are exclusive to seasoned veterans. At Class Act Auctions Consignment Gallery – Live Online Auctions , you will find the atmosphere to be energetic and inspiring, as well as very newcomer friendly. The surge of excitement that comes from bidding against your fellow audience member on what could end up coming home with you can be very exciting. Should you end up empty handed at the end of the night, though, the fun would have been worth it alone.

Class Act Auctioneers, Inc. Established in 2011 by Auctioneer Colonel Ronald Zigmund, was the first Auction House in the Palm Harbor, Florida area. No matter if you’re new to auctions, a veteran, or just looking for unbelievable deals on practically any type of item, Class Act Auctions Consignment Gallery is a premiere auction house. Come See Us.

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